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Your Relationship Matters!

Explore Learning and Growing Together


As a couples therapist, I’m a guide who supports you and your partner in creating connection, insight, and aliveness in your relationship by teaching you tools for empathy, communication, and growth as a couple.  My goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where you can learn new skills and strategies to grow a deeper connection. While this work is serious, I encourage approaching it with a touch of curiosity and lightheartedness … in Imago we like to say that "conflict is growth trying to happen."

What therapy techniques do I use?

Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Therapy is a specific type of couples therapy that focuses on teaching couples how to communicate with one another in a way that helps them feel heard and understood. This approach emphasizes the importance of empathy and active listening, and it helps couples learn new tools and strategies for resolving conflict and building stronger relationships.

Polyvagal-Informed Therapy

Polyvagal-Informed therapy educates couples about how the nervous system impacts our emotions and behaviors. This approach helps couples better understand their own emotional responses and develop greater awareness and control over their reactions to stress and conflict.

Loving Couple
Couple in love in the mountains

What does couples therapy look like with me?

Get to know one another:

The first 4 to 6 sessions are very structured. We start by getting to know each other and learning about your history as a couple. This is a chance for me to understand what drew you together, what you're struggling with, and what your strengths are.

Discover new ways of communication:

We'll explore the Imago Relationship Therapy approach, which emphasizes communication skills that emphasize listening and understanding. I’ll lead you through exercises where you’ll learn and practice Intentional Dialogue (the communication method taught in Imago). 

Emphasize the positives:

Rather than only focusing on what's not working, we'll also explore what is working well for you both. We believe in the adage, "What you focus on tends to become your reality.”

Learn about your nervous system:

I'll also introduce you to the Polyvagal Theory, which helps you understand how your nervous system impacts your emotions and behaviors. This knowledge will help you develop greater awareness and control over your reactions to stress and conflict.

Collaborate on future sessions:

After the first few structured sessions, we'll shift to a more collaborative approach. We'll work together to decide what to focus on in each session and develop customized strategies for building a stronger relationship.

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