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Hi, I'm Nichole

My professional titles are....

Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling

Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

Polyvagal, Somatic, IFS Informed Therapist

Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional

Plant Medicine / Psychedelic Integration - Supportive & Informed Professional

But outside of work, I'm a ....

Literary Lover.

I love reading - all kinds of books. Fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, memoirs, self help, you name it.  There is so much to be learned in this world of ours, especially from different cultures and perspectives from our own!  I'm especially enjoying reading and learning from indigenous / traditional healers, shamans, and elders.   


Outdoor Enthusiast.

Just being outside feels so settling, healing and humbling to me. I live in the mountains of Colorado and enjoy hiking, road and mountain biking, kayaking, camping, skiing and more.


Meditation and Mindfulness Student.

I practice and enjoy meditation. Along those lines, I also love exploring and incorporating different philosophies around learning and living a meaningful life. 


Relationship Therapy Practicer.

I’m in a relationship with a wonderful man.  We transitioned from long-distance to living together, and I understand there are important conversations to be had in such a transition.  We are also very different people, and while it is challenging at times to navigate these differences, we enjoy learning about ourselves, one another, and our relationship.  [And yes, I absolutely (very imperfectly and clumsily a lot of times) practice what I teach in therapy sessions!]


Dog Mom.

We have a mini Aussie named Axel … he is an absolute JOY. He’s smart and we love teaching him new tricks. He’s our third wheel on outdoor adventures and definitely keeps up with boundless energy. 


My “Why”

I discovered my "why" with Imago Relationship Therapy because it felt like a natural fit, and it made sense to me. Through my work, I noticed that consistent small changes lead to positive outcomes for couples, but it's important to understand why and how they help. My goal is to help couples create a safe space and become good listeners - become attuned to one another's world - a skill that can benefit all areas of life. I also aim to create safety in relationships and take partners out of a space of polarity (being "against" one another in conflict).  All of this aligns with Imago's vision of “creating world peace one relationship at a time.” While that is a lofty idea, I see that as more people place emphasis on learning how to “listen to understand,” we can then incorporate that skill into other areas of our lives. I want to be a part of that positive change. 

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