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Imago Relationship Therapy

As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Nichole loves helping couples work through stuck places in their relationship. By focusing on ​practical and helpful communication tools, Imago supports you in creating a more satisfying relationship. You can understand what contributes to struggles that tend to show up in your relationship. As you grow your capacity to move away from reactivity, you're able to be more curious. You then have more room for compassion and understanding. Thus, you can take steps to relate to one another from a more intentional, open, and grounded perspective. (Learn more about Imago here.)

All orientations welcome.

Counseling, Therapy
Individual Therapy

We help people who aren't satisfied with how their life is going. Dissatisfaction can come in many forms. We believe this discomfort is an encouragement for us to slow down and explore what is really happening. What is it that's leading to the discomfort?

We will help you listen to and learn from your internal experience. You might think of therapy as a place that provides you a bit of space from holding all that pressure inside. Having that bit of space, you can see things more clearly. You're likely to discover that you have the strength you need to not only make it through the discomfort, but to grow in unexpected and helpful ways.

Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Process groups are a powerful way to experience personal and relational growth and change. Individuals generally experience group as supportive, helpful, challenging, energizing, and meaningful. We all have ways we tend to relate to others. Some of these tendencies work well for us, and some not so well. Working in the context of a group allows you to learn more about yourself and how you relate to and come across to others. As you practice and become more confident in putting your thoughts, feelings, and urges into words, without acting, you will learn what may keep you from having the intimacy, connection, openness, assertiveness, joy, and freedom that you'd like to have in life.

meditation, rock balancing, balance, mindfulness

Rock-Balancing is many things.  People often experience it as a helpful mindfulness or meditative tool.  Since the action of balancing the rocks requires you to be very focused and tuned into slight sensations through the rocks, your mind tends to become quiet during the practice.  In addition to the benefits that come with a regular mindfulness practice, balancing also helps you connect with and enhance creativity, expand problem solving capability, and engage in life from a more grounded perspective.  If you've been looking for a more hands-on tool for starting, enhancing, or rekindling your mindfulness practice, rock-balancing is a fun way of doing so. 

Learn more about the workshop.

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