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Therapy from your Bedroom?

...It's happening a lot these days!

Online therapy has grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years.  For some couples, working on their relationship in a positive way from the comfort of their own home is appealing.  

The reasons for this vary, and, true, it's not for everyone.  I'll share what I've learned from couples I've worked with...what they enjoy about telehealth, and what they enjoy about working in the office.

What Couples Enjoy About Telehealth...


Cutting out commute times to a therapist's office helps couples save time.  Additionally, when couples can't both make it to the same physical space, meeting online allows them to maintain forward momentum in their work.


Being in the familiar surroundings and comfort of own's home can help the nervous system relax.  Couples report feeling more grounded and more freedom to be themselves during sessions.  


This is especially relevant if you live in a smaller town.  You may not wish to see a therapist in your town.  Having the freedom to work with anyone in your state opens a lot of options to find support for your relationship.


People are drawn to different therapy approaches.  It may be difficult to find a therapist in your area who practices a particular therapy approach that you are interested in.  Also, especially for couples work, finding a therapist certified to work with couples is important.

What Couples Enjoy About Work in the Office...


Interestingly, what some couples like most about therapy in their own home, others like least.   Being out of your familiar environment, and going to a comfortable office where you're less likely to be distracted works best at times.


Being in a physical space together, the therapist and the couple, creates a presence and a synergy that feels different from meeting online.  It's not a big difference, but for some couples this is a high priority for them.


It feels helpful to be in a space that supports a sense and feeling of neutrality.   At times, this is more easily accessed in a therapy office.

We're ready to learn and grow together in our relationship!
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